KTA appeals Govt to avert supply chain disruption

Srinagar, Jan 2: The Kashmir Trade Alliance (KTA) has issued a fervent appeal to the government, urging prompt attention to the concerns of transporters, to avoid a potential disruption in the supply chain.

The call comes in light of a strike announced by the transporters’ association, which threatens to paralyse the transportation of goods, including crucial petroleum products.

In a statement, Aijaz Shahdhar, President of the KTA, voiced the apprehensions of the business community, stating that fuel stations are currently witnessing an unprecedented surge in consumers. There is growing concern that the impending strike could severely hamper the supply of petroleum products, impacting not only the daily lives of residents but also dealing a significant blow to businesses heavily reliant on external supplies.

Highlighting the reliance of Kashmir on outside sources to fulfil its essential needs, Shahdar emphasized the potential dire consequences for businesses if the supply chain were disrupted. “Businesses will suffer badly due to disruption in supplies, and it could bring commerce to a standstill not just in Kashmir but across India,” he warned.

Shahdhar stressed the urgency for the government to engage with transporters and address their grievances, appealing for a resolution that avoids implementing the proposed strike. He specifically pointed to concerns raised by transporters regarding new penal laws, urging the government to address these issues promptly to maintain the smooth functioning of trade and commerce.


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