KTA urges State Taxes Deptt to adopt lenient approach towards traders in Kashmir

Srinagar, Dec 29: Kashmir Trade Alliance (KTA) has appealed to the State Taxes Department (STD) to adopt a more lenient approach towards general trade in Kashmir.

In a statement, Aijaz Shahdhar,  President KTA  raised concerns about the financial challenges faced by traders and urged Dr Rashmi Singh, the Commissioner of the State Taxes Department, to instruct her officials to take a more understanding stance.

“During the harsh winter, business is already slow, and now these inspections by enforcement officials of STD have further complicated the situation,” emphasised Aijaz Shahdhar.

He underscored the adverse impact of stringent inspections on businesses that are struggling to recover from the financial setbacks they have experienced.

President Shahdhar urged Commissioner Rashmi Singh to consider the unique economic challenges of the region, emphasizing the need for a compassionate approach during these difficult times.

The KTA highlighted that a more lenient stance on inspections would provide much-needed relief to businesses trying to navigate the current economic climate.

Shahdhar said that the KTA remains hopeful that the State Taxes Department will heed their request and contribute to the economic stability of the region by fostering a more supportive environment for local businesses.


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