KVK’s Kissan mela illuminates importance of C Bhaderwah Rajma

Bhaderwah, Nov 6: In an effort to enlighten farmers in Jammu and Kashmir’s Doda district about the significance of Geographical Indication (GI) tagged Bhaderwah Rajma, Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) organised a grand awareness camp, also known as Kissan Mela, in the picturesque Bhaderwah region.

Approximately 200 farmers hailing from different corners of the hilly Doda district gathered at KVK Gwari Bhaderwah to participate in this informative event, which aimed to highlight the importance of GI tagging recently granted to the world-famous Bhaderwah Rajma, a type of red bean, and Sulai Honey of Ramban.

The event was inaugurated by ADC Bhaderwah, Dilmir Chowdhary, who underlined the need to raise awareness about GI tagging and its implications on the renowned Bhaderwah Rajma.

Dr Amit Charak, the Incharge of KVK, explained that GI tagging grants exclusive rights to authorised users for the use of the Geographical Indication concerning the product. This measure will prevent unauthorized usage of registered Geographical Indication products by third parties and, in turn, boost exports while promoting the Bhaderwah Rajma brand on an international scale. This will ultimately contribute to the economic prosperity of producers and related stakeholders, including a positive impact on the country’s GDP.

Dr Charak expressed, “Today’s programme aims to raise awareness about the benefits of GI tagging for Rajma and to explore ways to increase production while preserving its original quality.”

Various experts, including Dr. Neeraj Kotwal, Dr Ghansham Jha, PR Mahhas, and Ramneek Manhas, shared their insights on the occasion, providing farmers with valuable information on the importance of GI tagging for agricultural products.

Bhaderwah Rajma is a premium red kidney bean known for its smaller size and distinct texture, which imparts a sweet and nuttier flavour to various culinary dishes. It is typically grown as an intercrop alongside maize in the hilly Doda district, particularly in the beautiful Bhaderwah valley. The GI tagging for Bhaderwah Rajma promises to safeguard its unique identity and increase its market recognition, ultimately benefiting the local farmers and the region’s agricultural economy.


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