Land Revenue Act Amended for Jammu Kashmir

Jammu, Dec 2: J&K government on Thursday amended the Land Revenue Act and directed that the legal heirs viz., Mother, Father, Spouse, and Kids of an agriculturist would also fall inside the agriculturist category for the purpose of section 133-H of the stated act.

According to an order issued by way of Commissioner/Secretary Revenue Vijay Kumar Bidhuri, the revenue area formation have been receiving the packages in which wife, kids and their kids have been also claiming to be an agriculturist for the purpose of the stated act and as a result the matter become referred to this branch for taking the selection.

Section 141 of J&K Land Revenue Act, Svt. 1996 enables the government to make such provision for removal of problems and the problem faced by means of the revenue field formation is in the ambit of the act and this issue is needed to be removed for the purpose of implementation of the provisions of the 133-H of the Act.”

“In exercise of the powers conferred by means of Sec. 141 of Jammu and Kashmir Land Revenue Act, Svt. 1996, the government hereby directs that the legal heirs viz. Mother, Father, Wife, and Kids of an agriculturist shall also fall in the agriculturist category for the cause of Section 133-H of the stated act,” Bidhuri ordered.

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