National Curling Championship concludes in Gulmarg

Gulmarg, Jan 9: The third edition of the National Curling Championship, supported by Religare Enterprises Ltd and its entity, Religare Broking Ltd, has concluded at Gulmarg.

A statement said that the tournament, organised by the Curling Federation of India (CFI), showcased exceptional skill and sportsmanship. Over 300 athletes from 18 Indian states and Union territories engaged in intense battles across sub-junior, junior, and senior categories, creating a memorable spectacle in the icy arena.

It said that impressive performances unfolded in the Sub-junior Male category, where Haryana secured Gold, Uttar Pradesh earned Silver, and Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh shared the Bronze.

In the Sub-junior Female category, Jammu & Kashmir claimed Gold, Haryana secured Silver, and Andhra Pradesh bagged Bronze. Uttar Pradesh triumphed in the Sub-junior Mixed Team category, with Haryana securing Silver and Andhra Pradesh earning Bronze.

Haryana dominated the Junior category, securing Gold, while Uttarakhand claimed Silver. Uttar Pradesh & Haryana shared Bronze in this category. Junior Female, Jammu & Kashmir clinched Gold, Punjab secured Silver, and Andhra Pradesh took Bronze. Uttar Pradesh triumphed in the Junior Mixed Team category, and Andhra Pradesh secured Gold in Junior Mixed Doubles.

Uttarakhand claimed Gold in Senior Male, followed by Arunachal Pradesh with Silver, and Punjab and Maharashtra sharing Bronze. Andhra Pradesh emerged victorious in Senior Female, with Arunachal Pradesh earning Silver and Jammu & Kashmir and Chhattisgarh sharing Bronze. The Senior Mixed Team category saw Uttarakhand winning Gold, Haryana securing Silver, and Telangana and Delhi sharing Bronze. Telangana claimed Gold in Senior Mixed Doubles.


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