NTTA chairman discusses tourism-related issues with Secretary Abid Rasheed

Srinagar, Nov 21: The chairman of the Nigeen Tourist Traders Association (NTTA), Manzoor Wangnoo, on Tuesday met Secretary Tourism and discussed issued related to the tourism industry.

“The focus of the meeting was on addressing key challenges faced by the tourism industry and exploring collaborative solutions for the upcoming season, with a specific emphasis on adopting eco-tourism practices,” Mr Wangnoo said, in a written statement.

During the meeting, Mr. Wangnoo expressed gratitude to Dr. Syed Abid Rasheed Shah for his “attentive ear and commitment” to resolving issues faced by the tourism fraternity. The Chairman commended the Secretary Tourism’s dedication to fostering a conducive environment for the growth and sustainability of the tourism sector, read the statement.

“I am grateful to Secretary Tourism Dr. Syed Abid Rasheed Shah for his patient hearing and his assurance to address the challenges faced by our tourism community. It is heartening to see the government’s commitment to working closely with the industry to overcome hurdles and create a positive impact on the overall tourism experience,” stated Mr. Wangnoo.

In addition to the meeting’s discussions, Mr. Wangnoo presented a memorandum outlining key issues and suggestions for sustainable and responsible tourism in the valley, added the statement.

This document emphasises collaborative efforts to promote eco-friendly practices, preserve natural resources, and enhance the overall tourist experience, said Mr Wangnoo, in the statement.

“The Nigeen Tourist Traders Association (NTTA) acknowledges the ongoing efforts of the Department of Tourism in promoting the valley as a vibrant and attractive tourist destination. Mr. Wangnoo expressed hope for a successful and prosperous upcoming season, underscoring the crucial role played by collaboration between the government and industry stakeholders. He thanked LG administration for the myriad initiatives and efforts in reviving and revitalising the tourism sector.”

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“We extend our gratitude to the Department of Tourism for their continuous efforts in promoting the valley as a vibrant and attractive tourist destination. The proactive approach of the department is instrumental in fostering a positive atmosphere for tourism to thrive. As the upcoming season approaches, we are optimistic about the collaborative efforts yielding positive results for the entire tourism ecosystem,” added Mr. Wangnoo.

The NTTA looks forward to continued cooperation with the Department of Tourism and other relevant stakeholders to address challenges, promote sustainable tourism practices, and contribute to the growth of the tourism sector in the region.


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