Numair Shabir’s kick-packed journey from gold triumphs to taekwondo mentorship

Nahida Mushtaq


Srinagar, Jan 8: Numair Shabir’s journey in taekwondo transcends the realm of gold medals, evolving into a compelling narrative of mentorship. Fueled by dedication and resilience, Numair has transitioned from being a victorious athlete to becoming the youngest taekwondo coach in Kashmir, charting a course that is shaping the future of aspiring athletes.

“The future of taekwondo in Kashmir holds potential for growth. Many youths are showing a keen interest in Martial Arts, and numerous Martial Arts coaching academies are emerging in Kashmir. We can witness the sport’s growth at a significant level. I hope to see rapid progress in sports in the future. It’s also gratifying to observe social influencers creating videos on martial arts,” remarks Numair.

Numair’s initial successes include securing two gold medals for J&K, are not mere accolades but the outcome of years of disciplined training and a deeply embedded passion. Rather than concluding his journey as a competitor,

Numair embraced a new role as a coach, blending experience, youthful energy, and a profound understanding of taekwondo.

“I started my journey in the year of 2007 when I represented my school Kashmir Harvard Educational Institute in an inter school competition and won a gold medal. Being a kashmiri, representing India at national level is itself an honour. Till now, I have represented kashmir almost 3 times and thanks to the Almighty, I have won two gold medals and one silver. I hope much more will come in future”

His coaching philosophy transcends technicalities, focusing on instilling resilience, discipline, and a fiery passion for excellence in his students. Numair’s narrative intertwines triumph and mentorship, moving beyond perfecting martial art techniques to instill pride and self-belief in his students, becoming a testament to the transformative power of sports in the mountainous region.

Numair’s triumph at the 6th National Taekwondo Championship in Odisha added another chapter to his illustrious journey, solidifying his position as a taekwondo stalwart. Representing Rayat Bahra University, his gold medal in the senior 68 Weight category sponsored by Ceramic not only highlights individual achievement but also a commitment to excellence on a national stage.

“My message is for everyone, either it’s some years of suffering or a miserable life. Goal without a plan is just a dream. And for achieving dreams, good health is really important, by maintaining a good life cycle, life will be full of positivity. And only a positive mind will lead you towards success. Avoid everything that is distracting you from your work. There’s nothing satisfying more than living a life you always have dreamt of.nothing is impossible here. I hope my message will have a positive effect on the minds of viewers.”

J&K Taekwondo Union, led by Numair, secured 19 medals at the 6th National Taekwondo Championship, displaying unparalleled skill and determination with 9 gold, 6 silver, and 4 bronze medals.

Numair’s leadership extends beyond the mat as he serves as the President of J&K Martial Arts Board of India from 2020 and coaches international martial arts clubs. Recognised for his contributions, he received the Best State Player Award in 2019, and India Khela Ga Team appointed him as a coach the same year.


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