Palestinian PM resigns citing escalating tensions in West Bank, Jerusalem as reason

New Delhi, Feb 26: Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh has announced the resignation of his government, which governs parts of the West Bank, citing the need for “new political measures” amidst evolving circumstances in Gaza, according to Reuters.

Shtayyeh stated, “I submit the government’s resignation to President (Mahmud Abbas),” noting the recent developments related to aggression against Gaza and escalating tensions in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

While Shtayyeh had initially offered his resignation last Tuesday, it was formally presented in writing on Monday. The resignation comes amid increasing pressure on President Abbas, particularly following the outbreak of conflict between Israel and Palestinian factions, with criticism directed at Abbas for his response to the Israeli offensive and the surge in violence in the West Bank.

Since 2007, Palestinian leadership has been divided between Abbas’s Palestinian Authority, which holds limited sway in the West Bank, and factions like Hamas governing Gaza.

The resignation of the West Bank government coincides with calls from various countries, including the United States, for a restructured Palestinian Authority to govern all Palestinian territories post-Gaza conflict.


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