Police organise awareness programme on drug abuse in Baramulla

Baramulla, Nov 18: In an ongoing effort to combat the growing issue of drug abuse among the youth, Police in Baramulla organised an enlightening awareness programme for the general public including students, youths, citizens, PRIs at Panchayat Ghar Gund Khawaja Qasim Pattan. The event aimed to educate the public and students about the dangers of drug abuse, prevention strategies and appropriate responses in case of encountering drug-related situations.

Distinguished members of the Police Drug De Addiction Centre (DDC) Baramulla delivered engaging lectures to the general public, empowering them with essential knowledge to recognize the symptoms of drug abuse and offering guidance on appropriate initial responses.

Muzamil Ahmad IC, Mohd Ashraf and Uzma Qureshi of Police Drug De Addiction Centre Baramulla delivered a comprehensive presentation, drawing upon his expertise and valuable insights on various facets of drug addiction. Their contribution was well-received and provided youth, PRIs, citizens and students with a deeper understanding of the challenges posed by drug abuse.

The students, youths, respectables, PRIs expressed their gratitude to the Police for conducting the enlightening programme, which greatly benefitted the people in general. The success of the awareness programme at Panchayat Ghar Wussan Pattan serves as a testament to Baramulla Police’s commitment to the well-being of the community and its dedication to fostering a drug-free environment for the youth.


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