PSAJK calls for allowing students of State land schools in exams

Srinagar Dec 22: President of Private School Association Jammu and Kashmir G N Var has welcomed the government’s decision regarding Army Goodwill Schools and said that in this way students of other schools must also be allowed to participate in the examinations.

According to the details, after the news of the Board of School’s refusal to take the examination form of the children studying in the schools being run on the government land, the LG administration directed the board to take the examination form of the children of Army Goodwill Schools.

The PSAJK president, G N Var, said that this decision is commendable because whether it is Army Goodwill School, government school or any other private school, the children of “our society are studying in these.”

“The way the LG administration has taken a decision about Army Goodwill schools, similarly, a decision should be taken about other schools built on state land so that the future of children is not damaged,” he added.

He further said that thousands of schools are established on state land across the country and only in Jammu and Kashmir, action is being taken against these private schools, which is unjust.

He said that the educational institutions are carrying forward the mission of the government and equip the children with the light of education.

“The government should appreciate the work of all the schools, whether they are army goodwill schools, government schools or private schools, they need to be motivated so that they will be able to do their work well”, Var added.

Meanwhile, Var has urged LG administration to reconsider its decision and do justice to such children who are studying in schools built on state land.


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