Road safety violations | RTO Jammu cracks down on violators

Jammu, Nov 8: In a proactive move to enhance road safety and enforce traffic regulations, the Motor Vehicles department Jammu has taken stringent action against traffic violators wherein 300 vehicles were challaned, 24 vehicles were seized, and a substantial sum of Rs three lakhs was collected in fines, primarily from motorcyclists and permit violators.

The drive was launched under overall supervision of R.T.O Jammu Pankaj Bhagotra and comprising of ARTO HQ, ARTO BOI (G), ARTO BOl(P), ARTO Flying Squad and MVI’s of Jammu district.

The drive was conducted in Akhnoor, R.S.Pura and adjoining rural areas. The special focus of the drive was to book motorcyclists who were either not wearing helmets or illegally using modified vehicles.

Addressing the public, RTO, Jammu said that these efforts for booking violators have been instrumental in sending a strong message that traffic violations will not be tolerated, and strict action will be taken against those who flout the rules. Headed that “Our priority is to make our roads safer for everyone”. We are resolute in our commitment to enforce traffic regulations and ensure that motorists adhere to them.

The checking teams urges all citizens to respect traffic laws and drive responsibly to prevent accidents and save precious lives.


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