Science park in Baramulla town set to be inaugurated

Baramulla, Jan 8: In a significant development an open science park is being established in Baramulla main town to actively engage the students with scientific concepts through games and simulations.

The park is being constructed at Ushkura near Baramulla main highway and is likely to be inaugurated in near future.

The science park is being established by a Pune based NGO-Aseem foundation in collaboration with the 19 infantry division of Indian  Army.

An official said the work on the science park has been almost completed and will be inaugurated after giving a final touch to left out minor works.

“It is almost complete and we are expecting to inaugurate it very soon,” the official said.

The official said the initiative is aimed at providing an opportunity to the students of far off places who are facing various challenges and do not get access to such facilities.

President of Aseem Foundation Sarang Gosavi while briefing about the initiative said the science park will be a platform for the students  to go beyond traditional teaching methods and will provide them an interactive space to actively engage with scientific concepts through games and simulations.

“This park can be used by the students of different schools who can interact with each other, discuss projects and get access to different methods of learning,” Gosavi said.

He said the park not only aims to ignite curiosity but also to instill a profound understanding of the practical applications of scientific principles.

“The local administration and the education authorities are working hard and reaching out to the students in every nook and corner of the villages with educational facilities. But our endeavour is to compliment the government efforts and we established this park for the students here,” he said.

He said the students in some parts of this region who have limited access to quality education will benefit from this initiative.

“We are hopeful that this initiative will become a catalyst for holistic development, supplementing theoretical knowledge with critical thinking and problem-solving skills,” Sarang Gosavi said.

He said they have been working in the region to play a role in bridging educational gaps and empowering students with skills essential to meet the challenges of the modern world.


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