Solid Waste Management Plant to come up shortly in Baramulla town

Baramulla, Dec 14: The long awaited dream of setting up of a Solid Waste Management Plant is likely to become reality in the Baramulla town after the environment clearance certificate was issued to the Municipal Council Baramulla.

As per Baramulla administration officials, the environment Impact Analysis for the solid waste management plant is under process.

And once the process is over, the Municipal Council Baramulla will be issued a No Objection Certificate to set up the plant.

Urooja Mohiudin, the executive officer of Municipal Council Baramulla, highlighted the crucial role of environmental clearance, stating, “Once the environmental impact analysis is cleared, the NOC for the setting up of the much-needed Solid Waste Management Plant will be possible at the identified place.”

The Baramulla district administration has earmarked approximately 80 kanals of land for this purpose. Presently utilised for solid waste disposal, the area will undergo an extensive clean-up to pave the way for the establishment of the Solid Waste Management Plant.

Baramulla town has grappled with mounting challenges in solid waste disposal, with tonnes of waste generated daily. The absence of a proper waste management system has led to the unsightly scene of garbage remaining strewn along riverbanks and green areas.

The alarming disposal of waste on riverbanks has already taken a toll on the Jhelum River, a lifeline for the town’s residents whose tap water needs are met by this water source. The pollution of the Jhelum River highlights the urgency of implementing effective waste management solutions.

Despite efforts by the Municipal Council, including door-to-door garbage collection services, some residents and commercial establishments, including street vendors, continue to contribute to the pollution problem. In response, the Municipal Council is considering legal action against those who persist in improper waste disposal practices.

“People need to understand the importance of keeping the environment clean. Their cooperation is crucial. Despite our services of door-to-door garbage collection, some people still scatter garbage on roads or in streams thus polluting them. The department is contemplating legal action against those individuals,” said the executive officer of Municipal Council Baramulla.

The impending establishment of the Solid Waste Management Plant is poised to be a significant step towards mitigating environmental concerns in Baramulla, providing a comprehensive solution to the town’s waste management challenges and preserving the ecological integrity of the Jhelum River.


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