Traffic Police Rural Kashmir issue 390100 challans this year

Ganderbal, Dec 24: In its intensified drive against the traffic violations, the Traffic Police Rural Kashmir has issued at least 390100 challans for traffic violations in different districts of Kashmir under in 2023.

As per the official figures available with Greater Kashmir, Traffic Police Rural Kashmir has issued 390100 challans for various traffic violations in different areas of Kashmir till December, among which about 85 percent were e-challans.

The data suggest that the highest number of challans 131550 is for those vehicles which were found carrying excess passengers against their permitted capacity followed by 45500 challans issued to those riding without a crash helmet. 38500 challans have been issued to those drivers who didn’t obey the traffic signal. Similarly 36900 challans have been issued for wrong parking. Besides, 10737, 7730, 3758, 3035, 2346, 620 and 560 challans have been issued for not wearing seatbelt, vehicles without High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP), disobeying signal of traffic officials, triple driving, dangerous driving overspeeding and using mobile phones while driving and jumping traffic signals respectively. Traffic police have also seized 2416 vehicles during the period. Interestingly, 59 challans have been issued to drivers for misbehaving with the traffic cops.

Senior Superintendent of Police Traffic Rural Kashmir,  Ravinder Pal Singh, attributed an increase in challans under certain categories mainly due to enforcement with the help of the technology which he says “is helping the police in capturing violations easily.”

SSP said that to ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians, the Traffic Police shall take stringent actions against incidents of rash driving and other such traffic violations. “The two-wheeler riders are advised to wear crash helmets and avoid triple riding, besides not to indulge in reckless, dangerous, and zig-zag driving,” SSP said.

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SSP Traffic Rural Kashmir added that crackdown against stunt riding and other traffic violations will be stepped up and that the offenders, who put other lives in danger in addition to their own, will be taken to task. He said besides ignoring traffic rules, underage drivers also drive recklessly on roads, endangering their as well as other road users’ lives. “Will take swift action against underage driving and those without driving licenses and the cops would also be summoning parents for counseling,” he added.


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