Truecaller rolls out AI-powered call recording, transcription in India

Srinagar, Feb 26: Truecaller, the leading caller identification app, has launched AI-enabled call recording and transcription services for its users in India. The new features available on Android and iOS platforms allow users to record incoming and outgoing calls, transcribe them, and also provide an AI-based summary of calls – all within the Truecaller app.

Announcing the new feature, Truecaller said the AI-powered call recording and transcription functionality has been introduced to boost productivity during important calls. It enables users to go back and review the conversation, share transcripts, and also get automated summaries of the key discussion points.

“The integration of advanced AI capabilities takes our call recording feature one step further. Users can now rely on AI to analyze recorded conversations and generate useful summaries and transcripts. The transcript can easily be shared while the summary highlights meeting notes, action items, and follow-ups,” said a Truecaller spokesperson.


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