UN must play its role to end Israel-Palestine war

Srinagar, Oct 24: National Conference Vice-President and former CM Omar Abdullah Tuesday urged United Nations (UN) to come forward and use its influence to stop ongoing Israel-Palestine war, which has consumed thousands of lives in recent spate of two-sided strikes.

Speaking to reporters here in Srinagar, Omar Abdullah as per KNS said that United Nations must come forward and use its influence to end humanitarian crisis that emerged in Gaza after recent spate of strikes between Isreal and Palestine. He said there is a need to send more humanitarian aid to Gaza to deal with the crisis.

“There is a need to send more humanitarian aid to Gaza. Earlier 100 truckloads had been moved, however it slashed down to 20 truckloads only which is insufficient to deal with the crisis. There are lakhs of people who are living a miserable life after two-sided strikes,” Omar Abdullah said.

He said the bombardment from both sides should end for the larger interest of people and it affects the residents brutally and leaves them in a state of destruction. “War should end there. There is a good number of Indians staying there. If this war spreads beyond Gaza, our people will also trap in such destructive situation. So UN should come forward and play its role in stopping war from both sides.
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