Will bring back Roshni Act if voted to power: Gh Nabi Azad

Jammu, Oct 11: Democratic Progressive Azad Party chairman, Ghulam Nabi Azad on Wednesday said that he will bring back the Roshni Act Scheme that had “benefited thousands of poor people across Jammu and Kashmir” if his party is voted to power in the elections.

Addressing various deputations including a deputation of ST community Azad said, “once his party comes to power, no one will have any grievances since I am fully aware and informed about Jammu and Kashmir.”

Azad also said that his party will reach out to every corner of the UT to engage with people so that issues on ground people are facing shall be addressed.

He held the meeting of office bearers from Jammu and instructed them to intensify the party activities and ensure more and more people are joining to bring the change in Jammu and Kashmir.

Various delegations including ST community members also met Azad and informed him about the challenges and issues they are confronting.

Azad assured them that all their issues will be taken up at an appropriate level for the resolution.

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