Winter advisory issued for safe travel on Gulmarg-Tangmarg road

Baramulla, Dec 21: In anticipation of the impending winter season, the Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) of Gulmarg has issued a comprehensive winter advisory aimed at ensuring the safety and convenience of travelers on the Gulmarg-Tangmarg Road.

The official order, released on Thursday, highlights the need for precautions to prevent accidents and prolonged traffic jams on the potentially slippery roads during the winter months.

According to the advisory, only 4×4 vehicles and those equipped with anti-skid chains will be permitted to traverse the Gulmarg-Tangmarg road until the ice thaws.

“To prevent jams and breakdowns, only Light Motor Vehicles (LMVs) with a seating capacity not exceeding 10 seats will be allowed on the Gulmarg-Tangmarg road,” the order states.

To facilitate the installation of anti-skid chains without causing road obstructions, only registered anti-skid chain vendors are authorised to operate in allocated parking spaces.

The prescribed rate for anti-skid chains has been set at Rs 600 per pair.

Tour operators and private vehicle owners have been instructed to refrain from parking their vehicles on the roadside. Instead, they are directed to utilise designated parking spaces available at various locations in Tangmarg.

In an effort to prevent traffic congestion, coat and boot vendors have been explicitly instructed not to operate on roads to attract tourists. This measure aims to minimise inconvenience to both tourists and local traffic.

The official said that these precautionary measures are implemented to enhance safety standards and overall convenience during the winter season. The guidelines outlined in the advisory will remain in effect until further notice from the authorities.

“Travelers are urged to adhere to the guidelines to promote a safer and smoother travel experience on the Gulmarg-Tangmarg road throughout the winter season,” reads the advisory.


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