Work on solid waste management receives fillip in Ganderbal

Ganderbal, Jan 9: The district administration Ganderbal has speeded up work on the solid waste management and its effective implementation in the district.

To ensure uniformity in user charge collection across the district, officers have been deployed at the panchayat level, designated as “Sanitation Mentors.”

Their role is crucial in overseeing that fee collection is meticulously carried out, and the public is urged to pay the specified charges set by the administration, officials said. Additionally, Block Development Officers (BDOs) are instructed to nominate an official for each Panchayat, collaborating with the “Sanitation Mentors.”

These nominated officials will be responsible for record-keeping and all documentation, including fee collection within their respective Panchayats.

In a concerted effort to ensure the effective implementation of Solid Waste Management (SWM) in the panchayats of district Ganderbal, the Deputy Commissioner, Shyambir, has called upon all sections of society to rally behind the district administration’s initiatives.

Having the comprehensive and vast involvement with the area and for effective management of various aspects of SWM, the Deputy Commissioner emphasised that the district administration has engaged agencies for waste collection, segregation, and final disposition.

Assistant Commissioner Ganderbal, Dr Bashir Ahmad, said that the district administration has been actively working on Solid Waste Management for the past year. He affirmed that the necessary infrastructure is in place, and door-to-door waste collection has already commenced in all blocks of the district. Stressing the importance of community involvement, ACD appealed to all residents to pay the user charges as stipulated by the administration for the sustainability of the SWM programme.

The district administration sought the support and cooperation of every citizen in this vital initiative, recognising that a collective effort is essential for the success of the Solid Waste Management programme in district Ganderbal.


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