World’s First Whole-Eye Transplant Restores War Veteran’s Vision

, underwent a groundbreaking 21-hour surgical procedure that involved replacing fifty percent of his facial structure.

The landmark surgery, performed on May 27, marked a watershed moment in medical history. The surgical feat included the transplantation of the entire left eye and a segment of the face from a single donor.

This groundbreaking procedure stands as the world’s first human whole-eye transplant, representing a monumental advancement in the realm of medical science. The success of this combined transplant case marks a significant milestone with far-reaching implications.


While the outcome of regaining vision in the newly transplanted left eye remains uncertain, the medical team remains optimistic about the potential positive impact on the patient’s quality of life. The surgery not only aimed at functional restoration but also focused on enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the patient’s new face.

Surgical Marvel in the Field of Transplantation

The surgical marvel underscores the dedication and expertise of the medical professionals involved. Dr. Rodriguez expressed gratitude for the unwavering support from NYU Langone and commended the world-class team for their relentless commitment to delivering the highest level of care.

The success of this unprecedented endeavor speaks volumes about the medical institution’s capacity to tackle formidable challenges and drive continuous advancements in transplantation and related fields.

Dr. Rodriguez highlighted Aaron James’s exceptional motivation to regain lost function and independence following his injury. Describing him as the “perfect patient,” Dr. Rodriguez emphasized the collaborative effort of the medical team, institutional support, and the patient’s determination, attributing their success to this comprehensive approach.

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In conclusion, the successful completion of the world’s first whole-eye transplant not only marks a significant milestone in medical history but also serves as a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence in the field of transplantation.

This groundbreaking achievement opens new possibilities for patients facing similar challenges, offering hope and inspiration for the future of medical science.

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