Year-ender | Peace prevails along LoC in Uri

Baramulla, Dec 25: As 2023 draws to a close, the Line of Control (LoC) in Uri stands witness to a remarkable transformation from a symbol of conflict to a beacon of peace and prosperity.

This year has seen the unfolding of inspiring narratives that resonate with the theme of unity, shared growth, and the dividends of a hard-earned ceasefire between India and Pakistan.


Jashn-e-Rustam: A cultural celebration unites communities

In a historic move, the Rustam Battalion, part of the Pir Panjal Brigade within the Dagger Division, organised the inaugural cultural festival, “Jashn-E-Rustam,” near the Line of Control in Uri. The festival, themed “Jawan Aur Awam – Saath Saath,” served as a bridge between the military and civilian communities, fostering a spirit of togetherness.  With a massive turnout of 15,000 attendees, the event showcased local talent and highlighted the untapped tourism potential of the border regions, bringing people from various parts of Kashmir together in celebration.


Kaman Post opens doors to tourism

Kaman Post Uri has emerged as a symbol of cross-border harmony, with over 18,000 visitors, including tourists from different states, exploring the historic site in the past few months.

The decision to open Kaman Post to the public has not only provided a unique opportunity for citizens to witness the country’s last post but has also ignited a surge in border tourism. The opening of the Kaman Post also paved way for the border tourism, allowing people to explore untapped beauty of Uri.  Encouraged by the opening of the Kamanpost, the locals here participated in exploring the untapped areas of the region which earlier was not possible. Among such activities include trekking of areas close to the line of control.

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This brought some of the tourist attraction areas in the limelight.  The Army’s proactive measures, including the establishment of a Visitors’ Reception Centre, have ensured a smooth and secure experience for all tourists, contributing to the flourishing tourism in the region.


Mushroom Farming in Bunkers: A Testament to Peace and Prosperity

In an inspiring turn of events, villagers in Uri have transformed abandoned bunkers, once used for shelter during cross border shelling, into thriving mushroom farms. With the ceasefire in 2021, the dark and damp bunkers have become ideal conditions for mushroom cultivation. The villagers, including landless labourers and educated youth, are now reaping the rewards of peace, with mushroom farming becoming a sustainable source of income. The government’s recognition of Nambla as the region’s “mushroom village” signifies a commitment to the economic well-being of the landless, with plans to train locals in growing two crops of mushrooms in a single season.

As the year concludes, the once tense and conflict-ridden areas along the Line of Control in Uri now stand as symbols of hope, resilience, and transformation. The stories of Jashn-e-Rustam, Kaman Post’s openness to tourists, and the flourishing mushroom farms in bunkers all echo a common theme – the dividends of peace are being shared by the Jawan, the Awam, and the landless alike.

As visitors continue to flock to these border areas, it is evident that the area’s journey from conflict to prosperity is gaining momentum, and the spirit of peace prevails along the Line of Control.


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