Youngsters set sight on myriad of resolutions this year

Qamar un Nissa, a 12th-grade student, has her set of New Year’s resolutions. This year she aims to improve her communication skills, prioritise the well-being of both her physical and mental health and plans to learn something new every day.

While sharing her narrative on her academic approach for the New Year, she expressed a dedication to prioritise learning over grades.

“When working on an assignment, it can be easy to become totally focused on grades, but it is extremely crucial to keep in mind that the goal is to apply the concept to your everyday life rather than just concentrating on getting a perfect score,” she said.

Ansab, 19, a student, is planning to dedicate this year to her personal growth, steering clear of conflicts, and prioritising her peace above all else.

“I will make every effort to avoid getting involved in conflicts. My aim is to focus on myself and enjoy life,” she said.

Faria, 23, a college student, believes that it is important to set goals related to health and well-being, such as adopting a healthier lifestyle, regular exercise and practicing meditation for improved mental well being.

“My goal for the new year is to increase my productivity. I want to improve various aspects of my life this year, including my career and overall health,” she said while expressing her goals for the upcoming year.

Youngsters said that social media exhibits a considerable influence on the choice of New Year resolutions. Platforms like Instagram showcase diverse resolutions, from fitness goals to academic pursuits thus shaping ambitions.

“Social media, particularly platforms like Instagram, has shifted from merely influencing to exerting pressure. Reels portraying flawless and aesthetically pleasing lives contribute to an extensive Fear of Missing Out (FOMO),”  said Toyyibah, a student.

By Nazakat Aslam / Aalima Qayoom


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